Won Mok Shim


Won Mok received her PhD at Harvard University under the guidance of Patrick Cavanagh. She then worked with Yuhong Jiang at Harvard and Nancy Kanwisher at MIT as a post-doctoral fellow. In 2010, she started as an Assistant professor in Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College. Now she is an Assistant professor in the Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research at Sungkyunkwan University.


Contact: wonmokshim (at)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kyeong-Jin Tark


Kyeong-Jin received B.A. and M.A. from Yonsei University (advisor: Min-Shik Kim) and Ph.D. from New York University (advisor: Clayton Curtis).  Then, as a post-doctoral fellow, she worked with Do-Joon Yi and Min-Shik Kim at Yonsei University. Since she joined our lab, she has investigated the neural representation of ensemble statistics and how moment-to-moment fluctuation in attention modulates neural responses to visual stimuli using fMRI.


Contact: kj.tark (at)


Research Staff


Sunyoung Park


Sunyoung received her bachelor's degree in Psychology and master's degree in Cognitive Science from Yonsei University. Her current interest is in feedback mechanism in visual processing, including filling-in of dynamic object representation in visual cortex and attentional modulation on color representation in LGN.


Contact: suny5803 (at)

Graduate Students

Insub Kim


Insub is a first-year graduate student. He is interested in top-down mechanisms of perception and cognition.



Contact: insubkim (at)



Daehyun Kim


Daehyun is a second-year graduate student. His research interest lies in  the interaction between emotion and color perception. His current research project involves how mood impacts the way we categorize different colors.


Contact: gtgreat (at)

Hayoung Song


Hayoung is a graduate student in our lab. She received her B.A. in psychology at Sungkyunkwan University. She is interested in how high-order mental states are represented in the brain.





Undergraduate Assistants

Yelim Lee

Minkyung Ahn

Seung Eon Oh

Jaein Han


Sang Chul Chong (Yonsei University)

Sang Wook Hong (Florida Atlantic University)

Oliver James (Center for Neuroimaging Research, IBS)

Min Suk Kang (Sungkyunkwan University)

Min-Shik Kim (Yonsei University)

Hyunjin Park (Sungkyunkwan University)

Steven Shevell (University of Chicago)

Graduate Alumni

Qing Yu (Postdoctoral fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Psychiatry)

Kirsten Ziman (PhD Student, Dartmouth College, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Feilong Ma (PhD Student, Dartmouth College, Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Ariana Familiar  (PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Psychology)

Edmund Chong (PhD Student, NYU Neuroscience Institute)

Hsin-Hung Li (PhD Student, NYU Dept. of Psychology)

Stefan Uddenberg (PhD Student, Yale University Dept. of Psychology)

Undergraduate Alumni

Catherine Baker

Niyonta Chowdhury

Max David

Elizabeth Fairless

Dylan Gabel

Yeuyue Guo

Nora Kim

Emily Porter

Jingya Qiu

Rona Sun

Erica Westenberg

Wendy Xiao

Emily Grabowski

Zoe Guttendorf

Lion Herfort

Jaehyeon Hwang

Youngmin Jeon