Welcome to our new graduate students, Insub and Hayoung!


The lab has been moved to the Sunkyunkwan University.


See the latest comment on our paper, Interpolated visual features during apparent motion are represented in primary visual cortex, here.


Check out this article about our recent work on top-down influences of visual processing from Neuroscientist News!


Welcome to our new RA, Kirsten Ziman! Kirsten joins us from USC where she spent time in the Brain and Creativity Institute.


Our RA, Ariana Familiar, is off to grad school at the University of Pennsylvania this fall where she'll be studying Cognitive Neuroscience


Congratulations to our former RA, Stefan Uddenberg, for receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!


Congratulations to Won Mok for receiving a Rockefeller grant to study the influence of emotional states on perception!


Congratulations to our grad student Qing Yu for successfully giving her first  talk at the Vision Sciences Society annual meeting!


Congratulations to our grad student Qing Yu for receiving the Vision Sciences Society Student Travel Award!


Welcome to our new grad student, Feilong Ma!


Welcome to our new RA, Ariana Familiar! Ariana joins us from NYU where she worked with Marisa Carrasco and Marialuisa Martelli.

Our RA, Stefan Uddenberg, is off to grad school at Yale University this fall.